Cavallo comes from the Spanish word Caballo which translates to "horse" in English. Power, Luxury, Strength, and Beauty with the intent to bring the highest quality product to the marketplace, Cavallo holds a position as the benchmark brand in the industry. Our passion, similar to that of our commitment to a superior product extends into every product we offer. From design, engineering, manufacturing, and performance Cavallo is defining the performance wheel landscape. You can expect nothing less than the best in quality, innovation, and longevity.

Our warranty is a promise of confidence in the quality of our wheels. Every Cavallo wheel is put through the highest standard of quality control and testing. These high standards allow us to provide an industry leading warranty, that shows we stand behind our product 100%.

While browsing through Cavallo wheels on East Coast's website, please note that if the main image of the wheel style is chrome, it is available in both chrome and black. If the main image is black, that style is not available in chrome.

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